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The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender: Proper Fangirling.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - Leslye Walton

How do you describe waking from a dream so delicate, spending the entirety of your day nostalgic, for tonight maybe the night you step into it once again. ONE COULD NEVER HAVE ENOUGH LAVENDER.


Let's be objective shall we, this is not a review this is praise, fangirling if you may. I wish I could erase my own memory to have the pleasure of reading this delight again.
This is how I looked when I was 2 pages in, half way in, and finished and regretting it.



rainbow puke


I'm not going into what the story is, which was magnificent, magical realism at its best, it's about love and scars and lives spent with the ghosts of your pasts trudging mindlessly around (both figuratively and literally).
She is the glorious reincarnation of every woman ever loved. It was her face that launched the Trojan war, her untimely demise that inspired the building of India's Taj Mahal. She is every angel in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.


But the true beauty in this book, is how every line will leave you in awe, the tears will prickle behind your eyes at how every emotion is portrayed both so fleetingly and infinitely. If I were to put in this review quotes, I would start rewriting the whole of 320 pages this book was. I know I know I already wrote a few, I just can't be helped!!

And now I'll bid you good night and perhaps my own sleep will be eventful, Only then could she sleep, a dark sleep of empty hallways and locked doors. 


PS: I knew from the start this was for me if not for anything it was for this sign:Born on March first in 1904, my grandmere was the first of four children, all born on the first day of the third month. That's MY BIRTHDAY! signs, signs everywhere ;)