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What Is Wrong With Me?!

The Lies of Locke Lamora  - Scott Lynch

Ok let me just say that I went into this with such high expectation, that no matter how good it could have have I would still be disappointing! And what exactly went wrong I don't know.

Not a slow start they are making their fist con within the first 30 pages, so exciting, right.

The writing? right on. Completely teleported  to that separate time and space.

Plot, can't ask for more.

So what exactly did go wrong, first things first this is "The Lies Of Locke Lamora" and what was it about? yes, the lies of locke lamora, the entire story was about him, his lies and his excellent conning skills, everyone and everything else was so secondary that I just skimmed at parts looking for another human, he is so great and clever that a 540 pages telling his "ADVENTURES" was too much, we know already he is a master mind we get it.

And another thing is with the setting, half of those 540 pages adventures at least were describing the city, its bridges and lights and shark fights? tsk.