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The Spiders - D'Arcy Adrian-Vallance I just want to say that this is the worse 'Thing' that ever happened to literature.

A third grader would have written a better story. Hell, a computer program that can put together meaningful sentences can write a better story.

Our great English education requires this 'Thing' read in high school, the wonderful story of a spider (killer ones of course) that threatens humanity of course and a kid (our hero of course beats because he`s so clever and sacrifices himself and get bitten and antidotes -Hallelujah- is discovered and given to him and he`s miraculously rescued).

The questions for this magnificent brilliant story goes like this:
Where do spiders prefer to live?
In cool damp places of course.

And state the entire family tree of our hero.

Such Hard philosophical questions.

Ok, Gonna go kill myself now :)