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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor FIRST: I Don`t think I am able to live in a world where akiva and karou don`t exist.

SECOND: Amazing, exquisite, heart breaking, life changing, inspiring, frustrating, terrifying real story of a fantasy war, One which the lines gets blurred between enemies, allies, lovers and friends.

The sequel to the first beautiful DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE most diffentely does not disappoint, Much darker than the first one where you can really see the effects of war and deaths, the ugly consequences of vengeance and greed, the reason of all wars really EVEN in a fantasy world.

The plot is clearer, a lot more is explained and complicated. Cant wait for the next one :@. Never would have thought that I AM rooting for a happy ending and messing the beautifully poetic first book but MEH I guess people change :D .