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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor This is ... OMG .. so much better than i`ve ever expected, its more like 5 stars and freaking favorite category. I`m not exactly crazy about the whole fantasy genre but this is just ridiculously good.
From the very strong plot to the badass BLUE HAIRED lovable heroine which is quite rare because you want to slap most of them really, and lets not forget the poetic lyrical writing that makes even the slowest of pace just amazing.
And the ANGELS .. SIGH .. with their unearthly beauty, wings and eyes of fire.
This is simply an exquisite book deeper than the story itself, It raises a lot of moral questions about war, peace, love, slavery, conquers and the right to defend what is yours, what you wish was yours and YOUR RIGHT in a life of peace and harmony with others.
Oh and i`m considering of dying my hair blue too, COOL HUH ? :D