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We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson, Thomas Ott, Jonathan Lethem "We will have an omelette for breakfast."
"I wonder if I could eat a child if I had the chance."
"I doubt if I could cook one," said Constance.
"Poor strangers," I said. "They have so much to be afraid of."
"well," Constance said, "I am afraid of spiders."
"Jonas and I will see to it that no spider ever comes near you. Oh, Constance," I said, "We are so happy."

This is not a horror story.

A horror story would go like this: This is our village, we grew up in our village, we like our village. But we live with a deep dark secret that lays in a huge castle, where its highest tip could reach over and touch the sky, and inside live THE BLACKWOODS, OR WHO REMAINS OF THEM.

We have always lived in the castle is the exact opposite. It`s Merricat Blackwood POV where she stays in the family home with sis Constance and Uncle Julian and sees the villagers in grey and sadness an wishes them dead. They have to be the most bizarre, socially awkward family with some unscrewed bolts in their minds.

And of course the weirdest of the lot would be Mary Catherine (The protagonist), She would rather live on the moon and be taken there on a winged horse where she would be dressed in leaves, and lined moth in winter. She picks Magical words so no change would ever occur in their lives like Melody Pegasus Gloucester, she buries silver dollars and nail books to trees.

Who are we to judge!!

"I was wondering about my eyes; one of my eyes - the left - saw everything golden and yellow and orange, and the other saw shades of blue and grey and green; perhaps one eye was for daylight and the other was for night. If everyone in the world was different colors from different eyes there might be a great many new colors still to be invented."