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Monsters of Men: Chaos Walking: Book Three - Patrick Ness Let me just say this first: Patrick Ness, you are a god (in the most earthly way), you are the master of plot twists and and genuine characters. I bow to you.

First book: The sweet introduction.
Second book: Crescendo.
Third book: Grande Finale.

This series is so great, no amount of gushing will ever be enough to do it justice.
It`s an emotional roller-costar.

At first it was like this:

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And this:

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This series is so good in every aspect it should be illegal.

It`s perfection.

Only in the second book that you realize how really good this series is, the first book is simple but a beautiful thrilling introduction to the world where people hear each other`s thoughts, and the thrilling run. Only Todd`s POV.

The second book when the civil war begins you know you`re in trouble then :). Todd and Viola POVs.

The last book: The first half dragged a bit, but once you hit that 50% mark, it was just PERFECTION.

I loved the new Perspective of the spackle numbered 1017 It was very refreshing, and the conversation between the land and their united voices as one in the sky was heart wrenching at least. Reminded me of the dances with wolves a bit :D the whole names thing. But it was so beautiful to see the other side of the plan`t POV and so sad because of all the crimes and massacres done to them.

And Todd *huge sigh* what can I ever say about him!!
He is the most innocent, pure, guilty, human, heartwarming character I`ve ever read, even as the story progresses and he make mistakes he still wears his innocence around his neck and his heart on his sleeve.

Viola is the definition of the smart kick-ass heroin as ever.

So much sadness in these books, so much greed and love of power and sacrifices made.
What I loved is how choices were always so black and white and impossible but Todd and Viola always seemed to find new choices, aside from how hopeless the situations are.
A book about wars is what teaches peace and love and the choices you make and how important they are, and how important YOU are.

Even the villains in this books are so awesome and you just want to dive inside the pages to dismember them :D JK

Again the best thing about these books are the character, aside from the main ones everyone contributes to the story and events.
And you get super sad when they die, because A LOT OF PEOPLE DIE, SERIOUSLY.

The ending isn`t a single line at the end of the pages, It was a very long chain of events. It felt like an ending that readers would like, but it felt a bit untrue and a cheat.

So yeah I kinda liked it. :D