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Every Day - David Levithan So, a person wakes up every day in a different body as different people every day. Notice how I said a person? not a boy, not a girl. A person. A human. "A" has never known anything but this life, futile and random as it is.

At the age of sixteen, "A" finally make a connection after 5994 days.
Now this is the start of the book, and it wasn`t a good one for me. It just didn`t feel sincere or strong as it was described to be. Fortunately that wasn`t the whole point and aim for the story though it was the chain that kept him tied to the goal of his first connection. It was the first and last thought.

Now, all the romance and the story didn`t even matter to me. It was the excitement of the next day of who "A" is going to be next.Every person as a possibility. Drug addicts, suicidal girls ( And it`s not a beautiful sadness-beautiful sadness is a myth.), underage illegal maids, metalhead hairy big guys, jogs and twins and mean girls and Beyonce!!! okay okay not the real one but still.

Constantly hyper-aware of the available hours as these people.

Even the candles conspire, getting shorter as time grows shorter. Reminding me and reminding me.

If you stare at the center of the universe, there is a coldness there. A blankness. Ultimately, the universe doesn`t care about us. Time doesn`t care about us. That`s why we have to care about each other.

"A" has eventful days and ones that drag by, gets to meet best friends and boyfriends and girlfriends and parents and grandparents with the knowledge that all of those encounters and people are temporary.
Gets to go some boy`s first funeral, realizing that he will probably never have a funeral, that may be one day he will simply stop to exist, that he will have no one to mourn him, no family and no friends to remember him. There would be no funeral no consoles no sweet stories that ends with sad smiles of remembering.

So naturally things need to change, a bit of a vaguely sad ending BUT there is a second book so yay lets make it an explained sad ending.